Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Great Pattern of the Dharma

Seeing patterns is what the word Dharma means. I have always thought that
it was a bit of a mistake to interpret Dharma as "the Law" rather than "the
Pattern" because people in the West will think Buddha's Law is like God's
Law, something decreed rather than something recognized. Dharma means the
Law in the sense of the Laws of Nature or the Laws of Physics, not the laws
of society or laws handed down by a parental god figure. And the laws of
nature and physics are the determination of patterns of regularity, or lack

The Buddha Dharma is the pattern recognition regarding human awakening. The
Dharma is the body of the Laws of Consciousness and of how the
discrimination of mind creates the variegated patterns of illusion and
delusion and how the suffering created by the illusions and delusions may be
overcome by the freedom of seeing how the patterns of daily life are
manifesting the Great Pattern of the Laws of Consciousness.