Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thank You John Pilger For Your Courageous Words

Dear Mr. Pilger,

Thanks for your direct and courageous words against the US Empire and the UK's complicity in the plunder of the Middle East. We know that the Islamic countries of the Middle East have a lot to do to improve how they deal with human rights, but it is the continuing violations of human rights and international law by Israel -- and the support for those violations by the USA and UK -- that prevents, without a laming hypocrisy, the discussions of the human rights and wrongs of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Egypt, etc..

Rather than taking the party line of Empire by saying Israel must be supported at all costs because it is the only democracy in the region, I say that the other countries of the region can't consider democratizing while Israel continues as the visible and painful hypocrisy of democracy.

Thanks again,
Gregory Wonderwheel

Mr. Pilger's truth in journalism may be read at his website at

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