Wednesday, December 01, 2010


With the news that has kow-towed to jingoist Joe Liberman and disassociated itself from any connection to Wikileaks, it is time to boycott An organization as strong and successful as Amazon that is so afraid of a fascist like Liberman doesn't deserve any support from the progressive community. If you ever wondered how the Communist scare and Joe McCarthy got started, this is how. If people don't stand up to the anti-democracy forces in our own government then people like Joe Liberman are able to use their fascist fear mongering to undermine our democratic freedoms. Without the ability of heros like the whistleblowers who give us the truth, we will not have either liberty or democracy. What we have learned from the Wikileaked documents is that it is our own government that is the anti-democratic global force.

I went to to terminate my account and give notice that I will be boycotting Amazon until I hear that they have changed their policy about Wikileaks. However, the first thing I discovered is that Amazon does not make customer feedback easy. I could not find any "contact" links prominently displayed on my account pages. I couldn't find any way to notify Amazon about my dissatisfaction with their policy against Wikileaks, and I couldn't find any way to terminate my account. If you know of how to terminate an Amazon account please post it here to share with others.


Okay, I found the contact us link on the "help" page. If you are an Amazon customer you can contact them through this link. Here's the message I sent them.

I want to terminate my Amazon account because of Amazon's policy of bowing to Joe Liberman's anti-democratic scare tactics and because Amazon is not supporting Wikileaks in its time of need.. Wikileaks deserves a medal not to be removed from the cloud. Please tell me how I can terminate my Amazon account because from now on until I have heard that Amazon has changed its policy on supporting freedom of information I will no longer support Amazon.

They say they will respond within 12 hours so I'll post their response when I get it.


Dr. V said...

Julian Assange is a hero risking his life in the name of truth.

I never knew my fellow Americans would be so quick to call for the death of someone like him, but I see that it is indeed being called for all over the ultra-conservative part of the web.

I fear for his safety. Perhaps its not a very good analogy but it feels like the days of old Rome when the reformer Tiberius Gracchus was beaten to death with bits of chairs.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Alan. I'm not particularly close to your political positions (I'm of the antiwar anti-authoritarian right), but I share your hostility towards enabling a warmongering fascist like Lieberman, and anyway it's always good to see someone standing up for his principles.

Seems to me the key to a successful boycott is to identify a list of alternative providers of Amazon's services and promote it. That way it's less inconvenient to maintain the boycott and more damaging to Amazon, so they are more likely to respond.