Monday, May 20, 2013

"Into Darkness" Goes Into the Dark Hole

I saw "Star Trek: Into Darkness" yesterday and I have to say "THUMBS DOWN" overall. This is because I saw the original Star Trek on television when it was first broadcast and this "reboot" series just seems like a perversion of the whole premise that Gene Rodenberry used to create Star Trek: that the formula for good Science Fiction must have more food for thought than thrills of action.  Kids who have never seen the previous Star Treks may like it for the exciting action and find the story "new" when it isn't for those of us who have seen the series. 
To me, JJ Abrams is a criminal who has robbed Star Trek of its uniqueness and turned it into a Star Wars clone. That's a Sci Fi plot right there. The script for "Into Darkness" was witty, but the plot was a tired retread (pun intended). I really don't like it that the "reboot" series has taken Star Trek into an "alternative time line" where they seem to think that they can just retell the same stories with an alternative timeline twist. Very uncreative. I cannot think of anything really good to say about the reboot as far as Star Trek goes. It is a roller coaster ride film from beginning to end, in a very Disney sort of way, and nothing about the original Star Trek (or STNG or DS9) remains as far as the ambiance of storytelling over flash-and-bang action or Gene Rodenberry's original vision of Science Fiction for the thinking person.


Anonymous said...

There are many among the "inner circle" of the Star Trek Franchise that are well aware of Gene Roddenberry's and his wife's Majel Barret's contacts that started long before Star Trek emerged on the tv screens of US and eventually the International markets.

Majel, at one point even had taken an interview and revealed some of her's and her husband's contact experiences. While I don't know of the interview which one it was revealed in. I do know that Gene's and Majel's contacts continued regularly up until their deaths, and there is speculation that quite probably that they do continue with Gene's son.

According to Multiple sources (and was later confirmed by my ET/ED contacts) it was first William Shatner that had made contact with members of The Galactic/United Federation of Planets (no relation to Channeled Retpoid AI Avatar GFL, GFOL or GCOFL). And, then Gene Rodenberry was later taken to the site in the Mojave Desert of the 3,000 plus year old Federation Base here on planet.

There Gene met with representatives from 8+ different ET/ED races and even was taken aboard one of the Sirian Craft from Sirius A System. There the foundation for the Star Trek Franchise was created. And, a new era was born.

(To be continued in second post)

Anonymous said...

(part 2)

I know at least one of the ET/EDs that I communicate with regularly, almost daily actually. Was one of the ones that was on the GR/MB contact team. I've been communicating with these guys for 27+ years off and on. But, most recently since about September/October has been when it really stepped up to daily communications. But, I wasn't even told about such a close connection until just recently. It was brought up by 'them' in conversation. With a mutual friend here on the surface that communicates with them also.

It was one thing when it was just me communicating with these guys, but now three friends that are close personal friends of mine communicate with at least one of not more of the same ones. It was extra confirmation on many levels for me.

I'm not trying to brag, or anything of that sort. Just share my experiences. But, I don't want to overwhelm anyone either. Sometimes even the experiences I have are a lot to wrap my own head around...and for others that aren't quite as "broken in" as I am and adjusted to this reality...I could only imagine.

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