Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Only Realistic Solution for Palestinians is the Three-State Solution

Here's another story about the "One-State" solution verses the "Two-State" solution for the Palestinians with still no mention of a "Three-State" solution.

THE PEOPLE who speak now of the “one-state solution” are idealists. But they do a lot of harm. And not only because they remove themselves and others from the struggle for the only solution that is realistic.

Yes, let's be realistic.  What I don't understand about the Palestinian people is why wait for permission to be independent? That is not realistic.  Perhaps it is the Prisoner’s Dilemma or the Stockholm Syndrome, or a bit of both. If Palestinians want to be independent then they have to declare their independence and act accordingly. Asking for permission to be independent from the USA and Israel, the two nations that are enslaving you, is no way to be independent.
But also, is the Two-State solution realistic?  As I see it, Palestinians are doing themselves just as much harm by holding on to either the "One-State" or the "Two-State" idea when they are hopelessly separated themselves.  If the people of Gaza and the West Bank can't get their act together to form a single state between themselves, which seems to be the realistic observation, then the only real and realistic solution is a "Three-State" solution with Gaza and the West Bank each declaring themselves independent, with the caveat and hope that they may join in a federation later.

I say this to the people of Gaza and the West Bank: Declare your independence, either jointly or separately, then act independently by (1) writing your constitution, (2) holding elections, (3) forming your government, (4) sending out diplomats to seek recognition from other nations. Don't ask and don't wait for the USA or Israel to give you permission. They have no intention of doing so. 


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