Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Election Litmus Tests - Why I Will Never Vote for Hillary

Some people don't belive in Presidential Litmus Tests. I do. But not just one, I have several.

That is why I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. She fails too many of my Litmus Tests.

Litmus Test #1: The Iraq war is wrong, immoral, and illegal, and doesn't even achieve the stated goals, so withdrawal as soon as possible is the only viable plan.

Hillary fails this litmus test. By her own admission she actually believed George Bush's lies about the war and wasn't smart enough to know he was lying. Not only that, she still doesn't recognize there was not good reason to go into Iraq and no good reason to stay, yet she is a believer in USA global military hegemony and advocates keeping troops inside Iraq for the long haul This is completely unaccepable.

Litmus Test #2: Health care needs to be single-payer, government supervised payments (not government doctors), not-for-profit, i.e., the plan proposed by HR 676.

Hillary fails this litmus test. Hillary's plan is a mandatory health insurance plan, not a health care plan. Her plan makes criminals out of people who can't afford health insurance if they don't buy it. Her plan lines the pockets of the profiteering medical insurance industry.

Litmus Test #3: As with slavery, the Death Penalty needs to be abolished if we are to become a fully civilized nation. Why should we continue to be in the company of The People's Republic of China, Iran, and the Democratic Republic of Congo as the "most prolific executioners in the world"? The USA is along with these and other dictatorships (such as Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Egypt, etc.) among the Death Penalty club of nations in a "coalition of the killing."

Hillary fails this litmus test. Hillary supports the death penalty knowing that it is flawed yet refusing to admit it is incurably flawed.

Litmus Test #4: Human rights for immigrants is essential. The Border Wall is a travesty. Walls are not the way to deal with border issues. The Berlin Wall was once a symbol of totalitarian oppression, now the Israeli Wall and the USA Wall are the symbols of totalitarian oppression in the 21st Century.

Hillary fails this litmus test. Hillary voted for and continues to support the building of the Wall along the Mexican border. The Wall being only built along Mexico is racist in its conception. And should we even mention the anti-environmental and anti-ecological impacts?

Litmus Test #5: Israel is a spoiled child who is now committing oppression upon innocent Palestinians in a manner all too similar to how the Jews were oppressed. Israel has managed to turn the whole Gaza Strip into one giant ghetto. The inhumanity of Israel's illegal occupation and containment of Gaza and the West Bank are insufferable.

Hillary fails this litmus test. She continues to support Israel blindly without question. She supports Israel's inhumane Wall. She opposes a Palestinian state unless it is dictated by Israel's terms. She would condition aid to the Palestinian's based on their "violence" yet would not do a thing about Israel's violence.

Litmus Test #6: Separation of Church and State is an inviolate doctrine of democracy.

Hillary fails this test as she is a member of the Christian right-wing Senate prayer group run by the religious nuts of "the Fellowship"!

Litmus Test #7: Weapons of impersonal destruction like land minds, cluster bombs, and uranium coated weapons are anti-human, anti-nature, anti-sanity. These weapons must be banned. They alread meet the defiinitions for weapons banned even though the USA refuses to admit it.

Hillary fails this test. She has not challenged the war industry on the fundamental wrong of making these weapons.

Litmus Test #8: Abortion needs to be a universal human right. Anti-abortion legislation is an indicator of fascist tendencies in society.

This is the only test Hillary passes, at least I think she passes, sort of. She has stated, "I have said many times that I can support a ban on late-term abortions, including partial-birth abortions, so long as the health and life of the mother is protected." So even here she doesn't have the guts to challenge the label and instead accepts and uses the right wing's false framing label of "partial birth abortions," and she doesn't go the distance to say that abortion is an issue between a woman and her doctor, period.

Unfortunately, passing only 1 (barely) out of 8 of my Litmus Tests won't get me to vote for her. As Hillary is a certified member of the corporate establishment who bankroll her, I would rather vote for a candidate from a party not in the two-party dictatorship than vote for Hillary. I prefer my fascism as open as possible rather than to have to deal with the stealth fascism of Democrats like Hillary Clinton who only confuse people into voting for their own oppression by the corporate plutocracy.


Twilight said...

You're preaching to the choir in my case, but it's so nice to know that others feel the same as I do.

The media blank on Kucinich is so unfair, and against everything the USA is supposed to stand for.

I'll continue to support him, no matter what.

Alan Gregory Wonderwheel said...

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