Thursday, September 20, 2007

Senate Wastes Taxpayers' Time and Money "Condemning" Free Speech.

Here's my letter signing the petition against the Senate's condemnation of the ad.

Thank you Senator Barbara Boxer for standing up for freedom. And shame on you Senator Diane Feinstein, you have once again shown that you are a Republican posing as a Democrat.

The Cornyn Amendment is an amazing piece of legislation that shames the US Senate on several levels. First it is an unconstitutional and unwarranted attack on the people's First Amendmnent right to criticize government officials. Second, it was a colossal waste of time to vote on a newspaper ad while our troops are dying in combat! Third, the ad was true. Patreaus is a betrayer of the nation, the people, and his uniform when he testifies before Congress with such lies. His own boss, Admiral Fallon said the same thing, only in much more colorful and military language, calling him an "*ss-kisser" and a "chickens**t".

You too can sign the petition.

Here's a fun blog about this at Fire Dog Lake.

Here's who voted and how.

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